Professional Print Solutions
for Digital Presses

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Quality that makes a difference

The new AveryPro quality labels in SRA3 format are ideal for professional quality digital printing . They are compatible with all major sheetfed presses such as HP Indigo, Litho presses and dry toner devices such as Fuji Xerox, Canon, Konica Minolta and Ricoh.

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Impressive print quality

The new AveryPro labels are equipped with a specially developed digital print coating. To achieve an impressive print quality with brilliant colours, sharp contours and optimum ink adhesion.

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Secure Print

AveryPro labels have been developed with a safety edge, which excludes the adhesive and thus protects the machine from glue deposits. This ensures trouble-free production.

AveryPro Products

With proven quality for the digital label printing, discover our range and choose from a variety of adhesive paper and sheet labels.

Available in a range of pre die-cut and full sheet products ideal for multiple applications including premium product branding, outdoor use, window signage and much more.

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High Quality Paper Labels

High quality adhesive paper for brilliant colours and excellent colour fastness. Ideal for high-quality product labels, bottle labels, shipping labels and identification labels.

Bild: X-treme Folien Etiketten

X-treme Labels

Extremely durable adhesive film with high-tech adhesive for heavy-duty use and difficult surfaces. Ideal for outdoor applications, permanent marking and quality labeling solutions.

Bild: High Performance Folien Etiketten

High Performance Films Labels

PET film labels with excellent lay flatness and handling characteristics by dimensionally stable high-performance film carrier. Ideal for product labels, shipping labels, identification labels and outdoor applications and signage.


Increased Customer

  • First-class printing results
  • Premium material
  • Fast availability

Boost Your

  • Additional revenue through new business
  • Marketing support to attract new customers
  • Increased income through improved value


  • 100% increase in output with SRA3 over  A4 label sheets
  • Up to 50% click rate cost savings with click SRA3 labels
  • Time and process cost savings by pre-cut labels
  • Reduced inventory by economic package sizes

General Printing Instructions


Please store sheets in original sealed bag at room temperature (18 – 23°C) in original packaging. Do not expose to extremes of temperature fluctuations and humidity (ideally 50-55%).

Printing Instructions

Always fan the sheets well, before printing. Take particular care when knocking-up the sheets not to over bend and cause the labels to ‘lift’ - discard any sheets that may have been affected. Polyesters require air between the sheets to counter the static effect. It may therefore be necessary to build the infeed stack sheet by sheet to obtain the best results.

Select appropriate print setting:

  • In general, self-adhesive sheets are classed as ‘Heavy’ or ‘Extra Heavy’ or ‘Labels’.
  • Select the feed tray (if applicable) appropriate to the machine and stock capabilities. Refer to the printer manual for specific settings.
  • All AveryPRO materials are approved for all standard digital presses with dry toner, and for HP Indigo with approval information being found on the HP Indigo web site under ‘approved substrates’ labels and self adhesive. Please see data sheets or packaging for information on certifications/recommendations.

Further guidelines

  • Do not cut more than 100 sheets, and ensure that the blade is clean and sharp. The clamp should also be free of adhesive residue.
  • Particular attention should be paid to fanning the sheets after guillotining if they are then to be printed.
  • Do not reinsert sheets.

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